Small Originals and Sculpture

“Sometimes the most beautiful things are the simplest ones, And more often than not it is such things that we need in order to heal most of our ailments – a bit of sunlight, a brief moment of peace when we can take in the whole world in one breath- with our lungs, our eyes and our hearts. This is the moment when we realize that if we stay strong and true to those simple things that make all the sense, the world and ground under our feet will hold us. This is what I was thinking this Spring/Summer when we found ourselves in a brand new world facing unexpected adversity. I was finally propelled to begin Sculpting, something I had wanted to try for years, but never took the time.” AV

Still Life w/singleRose 24×24

Autumn Rose 24×24

Clarity of Mind 24×18

From The Garden 24×18

When It Rains It Pours 24 x 18

Study of Thoughtful Girl 12×10

Eternal Love (editions available)

Medicine For The Heart II 18×30 (sold) LE available

Out Of The Rain Soaked Earth II 24×18 (sold) LE available

Spring Cherry Blossoms 24×17 (sold) LE available

Effervescence 24×18 (sold) LE available

Heart Medicine18x26 (sold) LE available