A fine brush oil original is a condensed expression of weeks or sometimes years of life’s experience and takes many days to complete.  These experiences could be travels to certain destinations over many years, or on-going conversations which we have with each other over a long time. In other words, things that we get to know very well.  Technically originals require much more detail and subtle work and require many fine layers of paint which parallel the many layers of thought that it takes to complete each piece.  As such, these originals are unique and one of a kind and become landmarks of my life. AV

We invite you to scroll through this page and run your mouse over any of interest, to check if available or recently sold. If you cannot find a particular piece here, it is most definitely sold and will be in Chronology.

A Winter’s Tale 34×24

Against The Wind 32×60

Aspen Canyon 32×48

Aspen Season 48×32

Aspen Snow 24×48

Aspen Sundown 24×48

Autumn In New England 26×38

Before The End Of Day 30×48

Born Free 42×29

Clarity of Mind 24×18

Conversations 21×30

Dawn Frost 30×40

Delaware Sunset 25×38

Effervescence 24×18

Enigma 36×48

Evening Farewell 36×36

Evening Fog 25×42

First Snow In The Rockies 24×48

First Thaw 24×36

First Thaw II 30×48

From The Garden 24×18

Grace Of Winter 30 x 48

Harvest Season 30×40

Homecoming 40×60

Light In The Attic 30×38

Medicine For The Heart II 18×30

Moon Rose 34×24

MoonDancing 35×21

Moonlight In Empty Rooms II 32×48

Moontide 28×48

MoonWind 30×30

New Day 30×48

Night Flight Over Sedona Red Rocks 24×48

Off Season 26×38

Old Road To Hana 28×48 ’18

Once In A Blue Moon 36×36

Pacific Sunrise 30×48

Pine Creek 40×30

PS I Love You #2 24×34

San Francisco Evening 36×24 ’18

Silent-Night 30×48

Solitude II 30 x 48

Sound And Fury II 30×48

Summer Creek 28×40

Sunlight In Empty Rooms 28×42

The Letter 30×24 ’18

The Voyage 28×38


Tranquillity 36×24

Untouched 24×48

When It Rains It Pours 24 x 18

Winter Crossing 24×36

Winter Silence 30×42

WinterTranquility – 48×78

WolfMoonII 30×30